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Prayers for Good Character

Prayers for Good Character

Prayers for Good Character are essential to developing strong virtues and integrity. Our character determines how we think, speak, and act. It impacts every area of our lives. The good news is that we can actively work on improving our character through prayer. In this blog post, we’ll explore some powerful prayers for good character and look at how prayer can transform us from the inside out.

Why Pray for Good Character?

Praying for good character is essential because it connects us to God, the source of all goodness. On our own, we lack the power to become truly good people. We need God’s help. Through prayer, we open our hearts to God and invite Him to fill us with His love, strength and wisdom. As James 1:5 (NIV) says, “If any of you lacks wisdom, you should ask God, who gives generously to all without finding fault, and it will be given to you.” With God’s help, we can overcome flaws in our character and grow in virtues like integrity, courage, humility, and compassion.

Character Traits to Pray For

Here are some key character traits to focus on in prayer:


Having integrity means being honest, trustworthy and principled. Pray for God to make you a person of integrity who does the right thing even when no one is watching. Ask Him to guide your actions and ensure they match your values.


Pride and arrogance destroy character, while humility cultivates it. Pray for God to remind you that all your gifts and abilities come from Him. Ask for a spirit of humility to better love God and serve others.


Self-discipline enables us to control our thoughts, words, and actions. Pray for God to strengthen your self-discipline so you can resist temptation and work diligently. Ask Him for the motivation and focus to pursue excellence.


Courage empowers us to do what is right in the face of fear. Pray for boldness and courage to stand for truth and justice. Ask God to help you face adversity with faith and perseverance.


Having compassion means caring for others and desiring to relieve their distress. Pray that God would give you His heart of compassion for people in need. Ask Him to help you be patient, kind and generous.


Cultivating an attitude of gratitude improves character and places our focus on the blessings in life. Make it a daily prayer to thank God for all His gifts both big and small. Express your gratitude to Him and others often.


Ask God to fill you with His supernatural patience towards difficult people and situations. Pray for the patience to endure trials, wait on God’s timing and avoid rash decisions. Ask Him to help you be lovingly patient with others’ imperfections.


Harboring bitterness and resentment corrodes character. Pray for the grace to freely forgive those who have wronged you, just as God has forgiven you. Ask God to soften your heart and remove any anger or resentment.


Pray that God would help you look out for the interests of others above your own. Ask Him to remove any sense of entitlement or selfishness. Seek opportunities to humbly serve people in need.

Sample Prayers

Here are some sample prayers for good character you can use:

“Lord, I want to become a person of integrity who is trustworthy and honest in all my dealings. Help me align my actions with my values. Give me the courage and wisdom to always do the right thing.”

“God, fill me with a spirit of humility. Remind me that all I have comes from you. Protect me from pride and arrogance. Help me to esteem others above myself and be a humble servant.”

“Lord, I struggle with self-discipline in my thoughts, words and actions. Strengthen my self-control. Help me to master my impulses, resist temptation and work hard. Give me the motivation I need to pursue excellence.”

“Father, grant me courage in the face of adversity. When I am afraid, give me boldness to stand for what is right. Strengthen my faith and perseverance, that I may face trials without fear. Help me be a voice for truth and justice.”

“God, fill me with your heart of compassion. Make me caring, kind and generous to those in need. Soften my heart towards the hurting and use me to relieve their distress. Teach me to love others as you love me.”

“Lord, I am so grateful for the many blessings in my life – both big and small. Thank you for your faithful love and generosity. I commit to living with an attitude of gratitude each day.”

Tips for Praying for Good Character

Here are some tips to get the most out of your prayers for good character:

  • Pray consistently. Set aside regular time to focus just on prayers for your character.
  • Get specific. Target particular areas where you want growth rather than vague generalizations.
  • Memorize key Scripture verses about character to pray and meditate on.
  • Ask others to pray for your character development too.
  • Journal about your prayers and track how God is working in you.
  • Maintain realistic expectations for growth. Character change takes time and effort.
  • Remember that progress will involve some failures along the way. Get back up and keep praying.
  • Focus on developing inward virtues before outward actions. Character flows from the heart.

Frequently Asked Questions About Praying for Good Character

1. Does God really change people’s character?

Yes! The Bible clearly teaches that when we belong to Christ, God begins a lifelong process of transforming us to be more like Jesus (Romans 8:29; 2 Corinthians 3:18). Change won’t happen overnight, but God can gradually shape our character as we seek Him.

2. I struggle with bad habits. How can prayer make a difference?

Bad habits reflect ingrained areas of sin and weakness in our character. The first step is asking God to reveal the root issues that lead to those habits. Once we identify the flaws in our character, we can pray for God to transform them. Only He can empower us to break free from sinful patterns.

3. How long does it take to see real character change?

Sanctification is a lifelong process. While growing in character requires consistency and patience, you can begin to see incremental changes right away as evidence of God’s Spirit at work. Consider keeping a journal to track your character development over time.

4. What if I lack the motivation to pray for character growth?

Ask God to give you a desire to grow in Christlike character and become more like Him. Remember that we cannot manufacture holiness on our own – it starts with depending on the Holy Spirit. He will give you the motivation as you seek Him earnestly.

5. Why can’t I change my character through sheer willpower?

Our human efforts alone cannot transform our character. Becoming more honest, patient, courageous and so on requires divine power. As believers, we have access to God’s supernatural strength when we humbly surrender control to Him. Rely on His power, not yours.

In closing, praying for good character recognizes our need for God’s intervention to transform us. Through prayer, scripture meditation and relying on the Holy Spirit, we open ourselves up to His work in our lives. God desires to shape us into people of integrity who reflect His goodness.

Conclusion: Prayers for Good Character

Our character affects every part of our lives and even impacts generations after us. That’s why it must be a top priority in our personal development. The good news is that we serve a God who delights in transforming our character and empowering us to live bold, honest, and virtuous lives. Through consistent, heartfelt prayer, we open ourselves up to His work in our lives. Praying for good character aligns our will with God’s and invites Him to cultivate excellence in our inner lives that in turn transform our actions. With God’s help, we can become people of integrity who live with humility, courage, compassion, and wisdom. The prayers and scriptures in this article are a great place to start! What aspect of your character will you focus on improving today?

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