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Prayers for My Daughter and Her Boyfriend – Seeking God’s Guidance and Blessing

Prayers for My Daughter and Her Boyfriend

As a parent, one of the most important things we can do for our children is to pray for them. This is especially true when our daughters start dating and building relationships with boyfriends. In this article, we’ll explore why prayers for our daughters and their relationships are so vital, the specific things we can pray for, as well as sample prayers you can offer up.

Why Prayers for Daughters and Boyfriends are Crucial

When our daughters begin navigating romantic relationships, it can be nerve-wracking as parents. We want them to find happiness and true love, but we also know the heartaches that can come with dating the wrong person. However, even though we want to control the situation and pick her boyfriend ourselves, ultimately it’s our daughter’s life and relationships.

This is why prayer is so important. Through prayer, we can connect our daughters to God’s guidance, wisdom and blessing. We can pray that God prepares her heart for healthy love and sends the right man into her life. We can also pray for her current or future boyfriend – that God shapes him into the loving, faithful partner she deserves. Our prayers surround our daughters in love and cover every aspect of their relationships in heavenly protection and grace.

8 Key Things to Pray For

When praying for our daughters and their current or future boyfriends, here are some specific things you can focus on:

1. Pray for her future husband

Even before there is a specific boyfriend in her life, begin praying for your daughter’s future husband. Pray that God is preparing a godly man to cherish, encourage and lead her well.

2. Pray for God’s protection over her

Pray that God protects your daughter’s body, heart and mind. Ask Him to guard her innocence and help her make wise choices relationally and sexually.

3. Pray for healthy dating habits

Pray your daughter develops healthy relationship habits – that she bases her worth on God rather than relationships, keeps reasonable physical boundaries, evaluates character first and maintains high standards for how she expects to be treated.

4. Pray for her discernment

Pray that God grows your daughter’s spiritual discernment to see others clearly. Ask Him to help her recognize signs of healthy or unhealthy relationships and respond appropriately.

5. Pray for the current boyfriend

If your daughter has a boyfriend, pray over him by name. Ask God to help him grow into the loving leader your daughter deserves. Pray their current relationship displays Christ-centered love that honors each other and God.

6. Pray for godly influences

Pray that God surrounds your daughter with those who model healthy relationships, point her to Him and hold her accountable relationally. Ask Him to minimize harmful influences.

7. Pray Scripture over her

Find Scriptures that relate to love, relationships and identity in Christ. Pray these verses over your daughter, asking Him to write these truths on her heart. Some key verses include: 1 Corinthians 13:4-8, Colossians 3:12-14, Song of Songs 8:6-7.

8. Pray for open communication

Pray your daughter feels comfortable coming to you for relationship advice and prayer support. Ask God to give you wisdom in counselling her well.

6 Sample Prayers

As you commit praying for your daughter and her boyfriend to God, here are some prayers to help guide your intercession:

“Heavenly Father, please start preparing a godly husband for my daughter now. Continue shaping a man who will love, lead and encourage her well. Give spiritual protection over her body, heart and mind in this season of dating. Help her to keep reasonable physical boundaries and look first at character and compatibility. Give her spiritual discernment to recognize healthy and unhealthy relationships. If a specific boyfriend comes into the picture, I pray he grows to treasure and honor her in a way that displays Your great love. Please surround my girl with those who encourage her walk with You. Help us keep open lines of communication. Thank you for the grace and power of prayer. In Jesus’ name, amen.”

“Lord, I lift my daughter up to You today. I pray You guard her innocence and heart through this journey of growing into a woman and exploring relationships. Please give her spiritual eyes to see herself as You see her – valued, beautiful and dearly loved. Help her find that same identity and worth in You rather than relationships. Guide her choices with wisdom beyond her years. If a boyfriend does enter her life, I pray for your blessing and favor over them both. Please mold him into a leader and partner who cherishes her completely. Shape them into a couple that honors You and motivates one another in faith. Thank you that prayer touches every part of her life. In Jesus’ name, amen.”

No matter what age your daughter is, surrendering her to God in prayer is one of the most loving and impactful things you can do as a parent. He delights in your prayers for her and will use them to guide her paths toward blessing and purpose. As you consistently pray Scripture and biblical truth over your daughter, you can trust God is working to write these things on her heart and manifest them in her relationships and future marriage.

In Closing – Key Takeaways

As you make praying for your daughter’s relationships a consistent priority…

  • Remember that prayer releases God’s power, protection and blessing over her
  • Focus prayers on both who she is becoming as well as her boyfriend/future husband
  • Pray specific Scriptures for her identity, relationships and discernment
  • Cover all aspects in prayer – her body, heart, mind and habits
  • Believe God for healthy influences and communication in her life
  • Allow your prayers now to shape her future marriage for good

The prayers of a parent accomplish much through Christ. Commit your daughter to Him in faith today!

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