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About Us was founded in 2023 on December 11 by my beautiful wife Lili and me, John, with one simple mission: to help people strengthen their relationship with God through prayer and faith resources.

As devout Catholics, our faith is the foundation for everything we do. We want to share the prayers, scriptures, and spiritual wisdom that have given our lives meaning, purpose and joy, in hopes it will support others on their own journeys of faith.

john and Lili at church

Inspiration to Serve

It all started when Lili suggested I share some of the prayers and Bible verses that had helped me through difficult times. I have always felt deeply connected to my Catholic faith, but there were periods when I struggled to find the right words to speak to God.

Searching online, I found many prayers and devotions, but they didn’t always speak to me personally. So I decided to create a website to share the prayers and scriptures that had truly made a difference in my life, in hopes it would help others as well.

That first website was very basic, just a collection of meaningful prayers I wanted to share. But to my surprise, the site began getting more and more visitors. I started receiving emails and comments from people thanking me for providing words they needed to build their connection to God.

This positive response showed me that there was a real need for the type of authentic, personal faith resources I was sharing. It inspired me to grow Gracedguide into a more robust site with a wider variety of content to nourish people’s spiritual lives.

Our Mission

The mission driving Gracedguide comes straight from John 3:16:

For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son, that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life.

We want to spread God’s love through building people’s faith, just as He spread His love to humanity through Christ. Every piece of content we produce aims to enrich spiritual life by strengthening that personal relationship with God.

While Gracedguide began as my personal project, we now have a small staff of writers and designers helping expand our mission. But the voice behind the site has always been mine, stemming straight from my own lived experience.

The types of questions we strive to answer are the real issues facing people in their Christian/Catholic walk, not abstract theological debates. We pour ourselves into creating resources that offer authentic support grounded in biblical truth.

Whether someone needs words for prayer, insight into scripture, or advice applying faith to life – our goal is to lend a helping hand along their spiritual journey. We want to walk beside people, supporting them through trials and celebrating their bonds with the divine.

Our Values

Everything produced by Gracedguide is guided by the following core values that reflect my personal faith:

  • Grace: God’s unconditional love and forgiveness is available to all – we hope to help people open their hearts to receive that gift of grace.
  • Compassion: Meeting people where there are, not judging but uplifting – this empathy and care infuses our work.
  • Wisdom: Digging into scripture to find nuggets of truth for right living – we rely on these timeless teachings to ground our content.
  • Authenticity: Sharing from the heart, not professed perfection – our message rings true by admitting our own flaws along the journey.
  • Respect: Appreciating multiple viewpoints within Christianity – there is diversity in the body of Christ that enriches spiritual life.

By maintaining these values in everything we produce, I strive for Gracedguide to feel like a caring community you can turn to. Our readers tell us they feel understood, supported, and connected to God’s love through or work – and that is the ultimate affirmation that keeps us going.

Our Community

I feel honored when people reach out with personal stories about how a particular piece of content came to them at just the right moment and strengthened their relationship with God. Reading such feedback reminds me why I started this ministry in the first place, which was to lend a helping hand on others’ spiritual walk as my faith had helped me.

My favorite thing is when people tell me specific prayers, devotionals, or articles got them through a major life event – a death in the family, marital problems, job loss, illness, crisis of faith, and so much more. Seeing God’s Word touch people during profound moments of need renews my passion for serving our community.

Our Future

Gracedguide has grown exponentially these past few years in reach and impact, I am filled with excitement thinking what the future may hold. My hope is to continue uplifting and connecting our community in service to God.

I plan to keep enhancing our digital content, expanding our social media engagement, and finding new platforms to spread our message online. Reaching people across the internet with faith-based support that enrich their lives will always remain central to our ministry.

My ultimate vision is that Gracedguide grows into a multi-dimensional faith community touching every aspect of members’ lives. I want it to serve people’s relationship with God across digital spaces, physical events, learning curriculum, church partnerships, non-profit work and so much more.

Of course, I can’t predict exactly what Gracedguide will become years down the road. I believe if we stay faithful to our original mission and values, doors will open to allow all sorts of expansions in the work we do. Wherever it leads, I plan to follow God’s call in this ministry.

No matter how much Gracedguide grows, that personal touch connecting our members into spiritual community will remain vital. Everything we do is centered around nourishing individual relationships with God that collectively form the body of Christ.

I would love for you to become part of that community! Please reach out and share your story. It may inspire content that speaks to another person just when they need it most. By joining together on this faith journey, we can lift up souls for the glory of God’s grace.  we see you next time lots of love from John and Lili

john and Lili at church

John /Lili