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5 Powerful Prayers to Remove Bad Luck from Your Life

Prayers to Remove Bad Luck

Prayers to Remove Bad Luck have incredible power to shift misfortune and invite better luck back into your life when you find yourself plagued by unexpected challenges and disappointments.

What Causes Bad Luck Spiritually?

Before diving into the prayers, it helps to understand what may cause bad luck from a spiritual perspective. Here are some potential root causes:

Curses and Hexes

Dark magic and intention can sometimes manifest as bad luck. If someone wishes harm upon you, it can open the door for trouble. Cleansing prayers can help nullify these efforts.

Unbalanced Energy

Everyone emits and absorbs energy. If your energy is depleted, stagnant, or surrounded by negativity, it can show up as bad luck. Prayers to restore positive energy flow are important.

Karmic Retribution

Some faiths believe our actions, both good and bad, come back to us over time. Prayers for wisdom and changed behavior can improve luck over the long run.

Tests of Faith

Challenging events sometimes serve to test and strengthen our faith. Prayers for clarity and meaning can transform bad luck into opportunity.

While the cause may be complex, these prayers harness divine power to cut through the noise. Keep an open and faithful heart, and luck can change for the better.

Prayers to Remove Bad Luck
Prayers to Remove Bad Luck

1. Prayer to Break Curses and Cleanse Bad Luck

If you suspect dark magic or intention has created a streak of bad luck in your life, this cleansing prayer can help break curses and restore fortune and prosperity.

Heavenly Father, 
In the mighty name of Jesus Christ, 
I ask you to cut any cords of curses, hexes, or spells 
used against me to create bad luck in my life.
Please purify me with your divine light,
restore my aura and energy with your healing power,
and break any chains of misfortune caused by evil intention.
Restore my destiny and bless me with your favor and grace.
I accept your abundance and light into my life now.

Repeat this prayer daily until the darkness lifts and your luck improves. Calling upon divine power nullifies efforts to harm you and clears the way for positivity. Have faith and wait for blessings to enter.

2. Prayer for Clarity and Wisdom with Bad Luck

Sometimes, a string of bad luck serves as a teaching moment rather than a curse. This prayer helps you reflect on the deeper reasons behind misfortune so you can learn, grow spiritually, and make changes to improve your situation over time.

Dear God,
Please help me understand the meaning behind my recent bad luck.
Even in the midst of challenge and disappointment,
please guide me towards opportunities for growth and spiritual evolution.
Grant me the wisdom to reflect on my circumstances,
the clarity to see my life lessons,
and the motivation to adjust my thoughts and behaviors as needed.
I have faith that all events serve a purpose, though the reason may not yet be clear.
Help me get back on positive footing.

Repeat this prayer when confronted with bad luck to uncover the growth opportunity hidden within. With reflection and adjustments, your luck can transform over time.

3. Prayer to Overcome Bad Luck in Marriage

It’s said that bad luck in marriage can stem from karma and compatibility issues with your partner. This prayer for union asks God to resolve the underlying blocks preventing harmony between you, paving the way for a streak of good luck.

Dear God, 
I surrender my marriage to your divine wisdom and care.
Help my partner and I resolve any karmic debt or compatibility issues driving our bad marriage luck.
Please grant us both the strength, grace, and wisdom 
to understand each other,
align as spiritual partners,
communicate with empathy and clarity,
and transform our bond into a sacred, loving union.
Brighten our marriage, fortunes, and future together
by the light of your divine power.
Thank you, God!

Recite this with a loving, open heart to dissolve bad relationship luck at the root. Shared understanding, growth, and care for your partner creates positive energy between you both, shifting luck for the better.

4. Prayer for Prosperity and Good Luck

Sometimes we need an infusion of divine light to brighten our path after intense darkness. This potent prayer invokes sacred rebirth energy to magnetize prosperity, success, and good fortune back into your life on all levels.

Dear God, my life is yours. 
After this period of intense misfortune, 
I ask that you breathe new life into my spirit.
Restore my passion, inspire my dreams again, revive my hope.
Magnetize my journey back to the light 
and shower blessings upon me and my loved ones.
Allow divine light to cut through any lingering negativity in my life.
I welcome miracles, prosperity, good health, loving community and deep fulfillment back into my existence, in harmony with my life’s purpose. 
Use me to bring light to others as my dreams manifest joyfully and effortlessly.
And so it is! Amen.

Repeat this prayer for 7 days straight to amplify and anchor its power. This prayer magic ushers your life force back into alignment with blessings and prosperity after a period of profound darkness or misfortune. The light returns!

5. Prayer to Find a Lost Pet with Bad Luck Protection

Losing a beloved pet brings intense heartache. This prayer taps into angelic realms to find your lost animal companion and shield them in protective light so no harm comes their way as they journey back to you.

Dear God and angels, 
please shine your light and help guide [pet name] back home to me, safe, happy and in perfect health.
Surround [him/her] with your powerful divine protection and luck,
that [he/she] be watched over in your loving care
as [he/she] finds [his/her] way back into my loving arms.
Remove all darkness, fear and danger from [pet name]’s path
and bless our magical reunion with joy and gratitude.
Thank you, angels!

Repeat often with loving conviction until your pet returns safely to you. This simple yet powerful prayer has brought comfort to many grieving pet owners! Never give up hope for a miracle reunion.

Bring Fortune and Luck Back into Your Life!

Sometimes we all hit pockets of intense misfortune. But through faith and focused intention, you can break bad luck cycles and re-attract wonderful blessings into your days. Experiment with these 5 powerful prayers to remove bad luck from your life and uplift your spirits and experiences in magical ways!


What if the bad luck continues even after praying?

Keep the faith and persist with prayer. Divine timing is at work, and your prayers have power even if it takes time for their effects to manifest visibly. Reflect on any life lessons the challenges may offer. Stay centered in faith through the ups and downs.

How often should I say these prayers?

For best results, repeat your chosen prayer at least once daily or whenever you feel plagued by bad luck. Pray with conviction and consistency to build spiritual momentum.

Do my prayers violate others’ free will?

These prayers simply align your own energy and outlook, dissolve negativity aimed against you, and attract positivity. They don’t violate others’ free will. Send blessings rather than harm to those who wish you ill.

What other spiritual practices boost luck?

Meditation, keeping a gratitude journal, acts of charity, eating a healthy diet, and getting ample sleep magnify the power of prayer to attract good fortune.

What if good luck doesn’t last?

Like all things, both good luck and bad pass in phases. Prayers help meaningful change anchor long-term. But expect life’s natural ups and downs as well. Seek the positive in all situations.

Conclusion: Prayers to Remove Bad Luck

When you face intense bouts of bad luck, don’t lose hope. Powerful prayers can profoundly shift your situation by cleansing negativity, renewing faith, and opening your life back up to receive divine blessings, prosperity and happiness.

By praying for spiritual wisdom, clarity, changed perspectives and positive energy, you set the stage for luck to transform for the better. Combined with reflective insight and spiritual self-care habits, heartfelt prayer dissolves bad luck so you can realign with your soul’s brightest destiny.

The key ispersistence and faith. Pray regularly for improvement, even when challenges feel intractable. Divine help is always available. Remain strong in spirit through life’s ups and downs. Growth and light await as the fruits of pains.

With care and wisdom, you can break unhealthy cycles that attract bad luck into your life. Loving prayers shift your trajectory towards the miraculous blessings meant for you. Have courage and believe!

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