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5  Prayers For Friday Morning

5  Prayers For Friday Morning

As the work week comes to an end and the weekend approaches, Friday morning is the perfect time to stop and intentionally connect with God through prayer. Whether your Friday morning prayer is a part of your regular morning routine or just a way to start your weekend, setting aside time to pray on Fridays can center your heart and mind on what matters most.

In this article, we’ll look at 5 powerful prayers to enrich your Friday morning devotion time. These sample prayers touch on common themes like giving thanks, petitioning for God’s blessings, and asking for guidance and spiritual renewal during the weekend ahead. You can pray these “as is” or use them as inspiration to craft your own Friday morning prayers.

Friday morning offers a transitional moment to look back with gratitude on the week just completed and look ahead with renewed spiritual vision. Here are 5 impactful prayers to deepen your Friday devotion time:

1. Friday Morning Prayer of Thanksgiving

Heavenly Father,

As this Friday morning dawns, I thank You for the gift of another day.

Thank You for guiding me through another work week and bringing me to the threshold of a new weekend.

I praise You for being my rock and refuge amidst the ups and downs of life.


Reflect on the ways God has blessed, sustained, strengthened, and graced you this past week. Give Him thanks and praise!

2. Friday Prayer for Blessing and Guidance

Dear Lord,

On this beautiful Friday morning, I pray that You would abundantly bless my day ahead.

Fill my heart with joy, and guide my thoughts and actions so that I may reflect Christ’s love and grace to others today.

Grant me discernment and wisdom to make choices that align with Your will.

I pray that Your peace that surpasses all understanding would guard my mind and my heart in You.

In Jesus’ name,


Ask God to spiritually renew you for the day and weekend ahead. Seek His blessings, direction, wisdom, and peace.

3. Friday Prayer for the Weekend

Heavenly Father,

As another busy work week comes to an end, I pause to seek Your heart.

Thank You for sustaining me through the week’s many challenges and blessings.

As the weekend approaches, I pray that You would fill my soul with joy.

Guide my choices so I may find rest, enjoy time with loved ones, and delight in Your creation.

Renew my spirit, Lord. Prepare me to enter next week with a fresh perspective, ready to live fully in Your purpose.

I pray all of this in the mighty name of Jesus,


Reflect and give thanks. Realign your heart with God’s heart for the weekend ahead.

4. Friday Blessing Prayer

Lord Jesus,

On this Friday morning I praise You for Your faithfulness and love.

Thank You for the countless blessings You have poured into my life.

Today I invite You into this new day.

Fill it with Your radiant presence and abundant grace.

Guide my thoughts, words, and actions.

Use me to bless others through serving them in Your name.

In Jesus’ name,


Consecrate your Friday to God. Seek His presence, grace, and guidance to bless others.

5. Friday Prayer for Spiritual Renewal

Heavenly Father,

As another busy work week draws to a close, I come before You seeking spiritual renewal.

Calm my soul with the peace of Christ that surpasses understanding.

Strengthen my spirit. Revive my weary mind.

Nourish me through time set apart in Your Word, in worship, and in communion with You.

As I enter the weekend, expand my capacity to receive Your love and give Your love.

I pray that You would make me an instrument of Your grace, to share Christ’s light through word and deed.

In Jesus’ mighty name,


Invite God’s renewing presence into your Friday and weekend. Seek spiritual nourishment and rejuvenation.

These five prayers illustrate the power of starting your weekend by first connecting deeply with God. While the specific words are not as important as the posture of your heart, thoughtfully praying through themes of thanksgiving, petition, blessing, guidance, and renewal can anchor your soul in God’s peace and prepare you for the weekend ahead. Consider keeping this list handy so you can pray through these transformational Friday morning prayers each week!

Summary of Key Points:

  • Friday morning offers a transitional moment to reflect back and renew spiritually for the weekend ahead.
  • Taking time to pray on Friday mornings centers your heart and mind on God to start the weekend.
  • The five sample Friday morning prayers focus on thanksgiving, blessing, guidance, spiritual renewal, and consecration.
  • You can pray these sample prayers verbatim or use them as inspiration for your own Friday morning devotion time.
  • Regularly praying impactful Friday morning prayers connects you deeply with God right before the weekend.
Sample Friday Morning Prayer ThemesKey Points
ThanksgivingRecall God’s blessings and guidance over the past week. Give Him praise and thanks.
Blessing and GuidanceSeek God’s blessings, direction, wisdom, discernment, and peace for the day and weekend ahead.
WeekendReflect on the week ending. Realign your heart with God’s desires for your upcoming weekend – for refreshment, joy, and purpose.
BlessingConsecrate your Friday to being an instrument of God’s grace. Ask Him to guide you in blessing others.
Spiritual RenewalInvite Holy Spirit renewal into your Friday and weekend. Seek spiritual nourishment and revival.

In today’s busy world, it’s all too easy to rush into the weekend without pausing to spiritually reconnect and ready your soul. However, consistently starting your Fridays with intentional prayer helps anchor your heart in what matters most. It fosters closeness with God and reliance on His strength for each day. Consider making five powerful Friday morning prayers part of your weekly rhythm!

Conclusion: Prayers For Friday Morning

In conclusion, setting aside time for intentional prayer on Friday mornings is a powerful way to spiritually reconnect with God before the weekend. The five sample prayers provided focus on essential themes of thanksgiving, blessing, guidance, consecration, and renewal. While the specific words matter less than the posture of your heart, praying through these impactful themes centers your soul in Christ’s love and prepares you for the weekend ahead. Making five powerful Friday morning prayers part of your weekly routine fosters closeness with God and reliance on Him for each new day.

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