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What Is the Number 31 Meaning in the Bible?

What Is the Number 31 Meaning in the Bible?

Numbers hold symbolic meaning in the Bible. Specific numbers like 31 are mentioned at key instances, which has led to analyses into the spiritual significance and symbolism behind this number. So what does the number 31 represent in the holy text?

Recurring Importance of Numbers in the Bible

Numbers carry meaning beyond their quantitative value in many stories and passages of the Bible. Scholars study the symbolism of numbers mentioned to deepen understanding of context and significance.

Certain numbers like 3, 7, 12, 40 repeatedly occur indicating design and pattern rather than random chance. Their appearance signals readers to underlying messages. For example:

  • 40 frequently ties to a time of testing or judgment
  • 12 connects to governmental perfection and divine authority

Seeing these numbers sparks closer reflection on passages where they arise. Specific numbers hold symbolic meaning in the Bible, including 31.

Direct Mentions of the Number 31 in the Bible

The number 31 occurs rarely but purposefully at key junctions in Biblical stories:

  • 31 kings defeated by Joshua according to Joshua 12 – signifies enemy kings completely conquered
  • Taking of Ai in 31 days according to Joshua 8
    • illustrates rapid victory
  • 31 sons and daughters of King David according to 2 Samuel 5
    • highlights David’s blessing and succession

So what is special about the number 31 here? It arises at strategic points, numbering enemies vanquished, counting days of battle, and denoting succession of lineage. The number marks measurement and completion.

Symbolic Meaning of 31 in the Bible

Beyond directly representing the number of kings, days, or children, the number 31 carries symbolic meaning in Scripture:

  • Marks fullness of blessing – mirroring God’s own nature
  • Indicates attainment of completeness or rest
  • Signals the administration of deserved judgment

It is no accident when 31 arises – whether counting kings of Canaan, days of victory, or David’s lineage.

31 conveys meaning through numeric symbolism, administered in God’s providence at appointed times and intervals.

Why 31 Represents Completeness

Digging deeper into 31’s significance, what makes it specially denote completion or fullness?

  • It follows after 30 which signals the end of spiritual developmental cycles
  • It marks the edge of higher numeric milestones
  • Its digits (3 and 1) reflect the Trinity’s action in creation and sovereignty

The symbolic DNA of 31 as shown through Biblical passages display divine fingerprints of purpose and intent.

31 contains echoes of finality, speaking to the closure of an epoch, culmination of blessing, or the final judgment due.

Remember This About 31 in Scripture

In summary, the key things to remember about number 31 in the Bible include:

  • Symbols numbers like 31 carry meaning beyond quantity
  • It marks completeness, inheritance, days till victory
  • Signifies divine design and signals attention to readers
  • Conveys through numerology God’s sovereignty and control.

The number 31 occurs sparsely but pointedly according to God’s initiative, embedded with symbolic signals. Recognizing the significance of such numbers equips Bible readers to rightly interpret his Word.


While mentioned explicitly only a few times, the number 31 bears rich implicit meaning through Biblical numerology. It surfaces at key instances numbering defeated enemies, counting elapsed battle days, and tallying lineage – all showcasing God’s faithfulness and realized sovereignty.

The number 31 signals the attentive reader to pause and consider the completion or fruition of blessing and promise administered perfectly in God’s timing. Though sparsely called out, the number 31 speaks volumes to his purposeful design encoded by numeric symbols threaded through Scripture.

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