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What Is the Number 11 Meaning in the Bible?

In the Bible, the number 11 is often used symbolically to represent disorderimperfection, and the opposite of God’s perfect order. Some key points about the meaning of 11 in Scripture:

Biblical Events Connected to 11

Several major biblical events involved the number 11 in some way:

  • After the Flood, God made a covenant with Noah that He would not destroy the earth again. Genesis outlines the generations from Noah to Abraham in 11 stages rather than the usual 10 for a genealogy. This imperfection hints that the new beginning after the Flood did not restore everything completely.
  • In Genesis 11, there is the rebellion against God at the Tower of Babel. This event disrupted humanity’s unity and led to the confusion of languages.
  • In the book of Job, Eliphaz the Temanite speaks of God’s judgment against the wicked 11 times. This links 11 with condemnation.

Disorder and Judgment

The number 11 is tied to disorder, disintegration, and the reversal of order:

  • It marks a departure from the perfect order represented by 10. In ancient Jewish traditions, numbers were assigned symbolic meaning – 10 represented the perfect order established by God. 11 fell short of this ideal order.
  • For example, in Daniel 7 the prophet has a vision of 4 terrible beasts with 11 horns. The beasts represent the pagan nations who rebel against God’s ways. The 11 horns signal this move away from divine order.

Specific Ways 11 Represents Imperfection

Here are some specific ways 11 is used to signify imperfection in Scripture:

One short of 12The disciples minus Judas left an imperfect 11.

Jeroboam ruled for 22 imperfect years (2 sets of 11 yrs).

Coming close but falling short of completeness.
Exceeding 10Noah’s descendants listed as 11 generations rather than the complete set of 10.

Saul reigned over Israel for 11 years then rebelled against God.

Going beyond boundaries to bring disorder.
Reversing 1Ahithophel gave Absalom 11 pieces of advice. Absalom rebelled against his father David.The disorder caused by breaking unity.

So in Scripture, 11 often serves as a symbolic warning sign of deterioration and defiance against God’s perfect ways. When the number 11 appears, it signals that damage has been done, unity has been broken, and judgment may follow.

Example of Judgment – Apostle John’s Vision

The Apostle John has an ominous vision about 11 in Revelation chapters 11-13. John sees:

  • 2 witnesses prophesying doom for 11 hundred 60 days
  • The 11th horn on the beast who slanders God
  • The dragon waiting by a sea with 11 stars
  • People with the number 666 (11 tripled) on their foreheads

This entire vision associates multiples of 11 with an Antichrist system that operates in complete rebellion against God. The ultimate disorder is depicted – blaspheming God, killing prophets, and controlling populations. By using symbolic numbers (11 and its multiples), John foretells that God’s judgment will come against this utterly chaotic distortion of justice, morality, and truth.

Conclusion: 11 Represents Sin Entering In

  • Throughout the Bible, the number 11 is a ominous signal that imperfection and disorder have entered a situation, departing from the stable order created by God.
  • It testifies that sin has taken root and will bring about harmful consequences. Without repentance, there is only spiraling deterioration.
  • God wants His followers to beware this pattern – when unity unravels into multiplicity, division surfaces, integrity cracks, and systems fail. The ominous uncertainty of 11 warns believers to turn back to righteous paths.

So in Scripture, 11 signifies deterioration and the consequences of sin. It urgent warns against continuing down wayward pathways of disorder and harm.

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