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Prayers for Addiction to Video Games

Prayers for Addiction to Video Games


Video game addiction is a growing issue in modern society. As video games become more immersive and available on more platforms, people of all ages are susceptible to developing unhealthy dependencies. Just like any other type of addiction, video game addiction can deeply impact someone’s life in negative ways. From harming relationships to affecting performance at work or school, it’s clear this is a problem worth paying attention to and taking seriously.

What can be done to help those struggling with video game addiction? While counseling and behavior modification techniques are often recommended, prayer can also be a meaningful path to overcoming addiction. In fact, people of faith have been turning to prayer for deliverance from all types of bondage for millennia. Below, we’ll explore specific prayers that may aid the video game addict on their road to recovery and freedom.

Understanding Video Game Addiction

Before looking at prayers for video game addiction, it’s helpful to understand what causes this addiction and what negative impacts it can have.

Some known risk factors and causes include:

  • Underlying mental health conditions like anxiety, depression, ADHD
  • Difficulty coping with stress
  • Loneliness and lack of social support
  • Poor impulse control
  • Early exposure to video games during developmental years

Problematic video game usage can seriously disrupt key areas of a person’s life:

  • Strained relationships with friends and family
  • Declining performance at work or in academics
  • Disruption of sleep schedules
  • Negative impact on physical health (poor diet, lack of exercise)
  • Financial issues
  • Emotional problems like irritability or sadness

So in many ways, video game addiction mirrors issues seen with addiction to substances. And like other addictions, professional treatment combined with a supportive community offers the best chance for overcoming dependency.

Prayers for Deliverance and Strength

Here are some specific prayers aimed at helping those wanting freedom from video game addiction:

Prayer for Self-Control and Discipline

“Lord, you promise that if we ask for wisdom, you will generously provide it. In my struggle with video game addiction, I’m asking you for more self-control and discipline over my impulses. When I’m tempted to play for too long, help me to make wise choices for my health and relationships. Replace the hold these games have on me with stronger willpower to resist temptation. Thank you for the strength only you can provide.

This prayer asks God for assistance in self-control related to video game usage. As it points out, God is generous in giving wisdom to those who lack it in areas where they struggle.

Prayer for Relief from Cravings

“Father, you created our brains and bodies. You understand how addiction works – the intense cravings that trick me into overusing video games even when I know the harm it causes. I ask that you short-circuit these cravings that draw me back into unhealthy dependency. Quiet my thoughts when game worlds and characters try to pull my attention away from real-life priorities. Help me find relief from the mental fixation so I can make clear-headed decisions.”

When addiction takes hold, people often feel they are fighting against their own brain and body. This prayer appeals to God’s power over our very makeup, asking him to directly give relief from those nagging cravings driving compulsive video game usage.

Prayer for Lasting Change

“God, I know you have the power to make lasting changes within me that counseling or willpower alone cannot provide. As I take steps to distance myself from video game addiction, I invite your Holy Spirit into my mind to rewire old pathways that lead straight to addiction. Build new rewards circuits that prioritize human connection and purposeful goals over false achievement in games. Guard my progress so video games lose their control. Make this freedom last through a fundamental change from the inside, through your unmatched power to transform lives.

Any addict needs lasting change at a neurological level to prevent backsliding – even after long periods of sobriety. This prayer calls upon God’s power to directly transform the blueprint of our brains to support healthy patterns rather than prior addictions.

Additional Tips for Prayer Support

Here are some other ideas to make prayer an even more powerful part of the recovery journey:

  • Encourage accountability partners – Ask others to regularly pray for victory over addiction and to check in on progress. Sharing the struggle helps avoid isolation and secret relapses.
  • Journal prayers – Writing out prayers makes them more concrete. Journaling shows a record of God’s work and faithfulness over time.
  • Use prayer reminders – Notes by devices or in important locations can trigger helpful prayer when temptation strikes. This builds resistance reflexes.
  • Focus prayers on root causes – Ask God for help discovering and addressing core wounds or unmet needs that make addiction enticing. This brings deeper healing.
  • Give thanks – Gratitude prayers help our eyes stay fixed on God as the source of freedom and restorer of joy apart from false pleasure in addiction.

The Blessing of Community Support

For anyone combating addiction, community makes a big difference. While an individual’s hard work and prayer is crucial, God often provides support through others. This can take many forms:

  • Recovery groups – 12-step programs and specialized addiction recovery groups provide understanding peers for mutual support.
  • Counseling – Professional Christian counseling offers guidance tailoring recovery plans to the unique individual.
  • Spiritual mentors – Pastors, ministry leaders or mature Christian friends can become prayer partners and a source of grace.
  • Online forums – Support communities on social media and other sites supply safe spaces to share struggles anonymously.

If you or a loved one deals with video game addiction, don’t go it alone. God’s family is ready to lift you up along the way with love and targeted help. There is no shame in admitting the need for help together.

Committing to a Media Fast

Part of the recovery journey away from video game addiction may require taking a temporary media fast. This means decisively limiting all non-essential entertainment media for a set period of time.

The aims of a media fast include:

  • Breaking through denial about addiction’s severity
  • Testing oneself to prove video games can be set aside
  • Revealing deeper root struggles that fuel dependency
  • Creating space to establish new, healthy habits and pursuits
  • Distancing from triggering entertainment that fuels cravings
  • Softening the heart to receive God’s correction and direction
  • Learning to embrace silence, simplicity and being alone with one’s thoughts

A media fast can last for a weekend, a week, 40 days, or whatever duration seems prudent. Be aware it takes 66 days on average to change a habit, so longer fasts may offer the best chance to override addiction pathways in the brain.

Here are some practical tips for successfully maintaining a video game and media fast period:

  • Get accountability – Share your fast plan with trusted friends/family to support you.
  • Remove apps/games – Delete or deactivate video games and entertainment apps on devices.
  • Establish new habits – Have new routines, priorities or activities ready to fill free time gaps.
  • Limit internet – Access internet on devices only when absolutely vital for work or practical needs.
  • Find alternative joys – Use the break to enjoy simpler pleasures without escaping into false comforts.
  • Journal progress – Write down your journey recognizing milestones, struggles and lessons learned.

Continuing the Fight with Vigilance

Like those recovering from alcoholism who still avoid liquor stores, the battle never fully ends for the video game addict. It takes committed vigilance to stand guard against falling into old comfortable patterns.

But the effort is worth it. Lasting sobriety brings genuine freedom – even joy – as your life no longer revolves around feeding an endless craving. When your mind becomes your own domain again rather than an addictive product controlling your brain, true self-mastery comes within reach once more.

So stand strong. Expect setbacks during the recovery marathon, but don’t get discouraged. With God’s strength, the support of others and personal accountability, you can shut the door on video game addiction for good. Then you’ll be empowered to live out your purpose free from the mirage of false achievements and counterfeit community.

Additional Resources

For those seeking help with a video game addiction, many excellent resources exist, including:

  • Computer Gaming Addicts Anonymous – 12-step recovery program modeled after AA
  • Online Gamers Anonymous – Web-based community and meetings for gamers
  • Setting Captives Free: Door of Hope – 60-day faith-based video game addiction course
  • Video Game Addiction Test – Self-assessment from
  • How to Quit Playing Video Games FOREVER – Game Quitters guide and podcast
  • Plugged In: How Media Attract and Affect Youth – Free e-book on media addiction from Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration

Table summarizing key resources:

Computer Gaming Addicts Anonymous12-step recovery program
Online Gamers AnonymousWeb-based community and meetings
Setting Captives Free: Door of Hope60-day faith-based video game addiction course
Video Game Addiction TestSelf-assessment for gaming addiction
How to Quit Playing Video Games FOREVERGame Quitters guide and podcast
Plugged In: How Media Attract and Affect YouthFree e-book on media addiction


Video game addiction is a modern trap impacting more lives every year. But there is a way out through committed personal effort, support of caring communities, and God’s strength. Prayer is a powerful weapon against addiction’s hold, though combining prayer with wise action maximizes the chance for victory.

If you see your video game usage becoming unhealthy, take courage – you can overcome this with time. Enlist others to stand with you, lean fully into prayer for deliverance, then expect God to meet you with the grace needed to walk free into the life waiting for you.

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