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Prayer Against Temptation

Prayer Against Temptation

Prayer Against Temptation is something we all need in life. Whether it’s the temptation to break our diet, cheat on a test, or give in to an addictive behavior, we are constantly battling desires that go against our values and best interests. But we don’t have to fight this battle alone. Turning to prayer is a powerful weapon against temptation. In this post, we’ll explore why prayer is effective against temptation, provide sample prayers you can use, and offer tips for praying against temptation.

Why Pray Against Temptation?

Prayer connects us directly to God, who provides strength, wisdom, and support in resisting temptation. Here are some key reasons why prayer is effective:

1. Prayer reminds us what’s at stake.

When we’re tempted, it’s easy to forget about the consequences and only focus on the immediate gratification. Prayer helps center our mind on what we’ll lose if we give in – our integrity, peace of mind, relationships with God and others. Keeping the big picture in view strengthens our resolve.

2. Prayer enlists God’s help.

We can’t overcome temptation on our own. God knows this. When we sincerely ask Him for help, He provides strength and power beyond our human capabilities (Philippians 4:13). Through prayer, we tap into divine resources to resist temptation.

3. Prayer focuses our mind on righteousness.

Praying against temptation shifts our mental focus – from obsessing about the temptation to meditating on God’s truths and desires for our lives. This renews our mind (Romans 12:2) and orients it toward righteousness rather than sinful cravings.

4. Prayer invites the Holy Spirit’s influence.

According to the Bible, the Holy Spirit helps us in our weakness and intercedes for us according to God’s will (Romans 8:26-27). When we pray for strength against temptation, the Holy Spirit is activated to empower us beyond our natural abilities.

5. Prayer replaces temptation with better desires.

Temptation often arises from misplaced desires – cravings for things that are not God’s best for us. Prayer helps purify our desires and replace sinful cravings with spiritual longings for God’s will (Psalm 37:4). This is a game-changer, as our desires drive our actions.

Sample Prayers Against Temptation

Here are some sample prayers you can pray when facing temptation:

“Lord, I’m struggling with temptation right now to ___. I know this is not Your will for my life and there are consequences involved. Please fill my mind and heart with Your truth and empower me to walk away from this temptation. Strengthen me by Your Spirit so I can stand firm against the enemy’s schemes. Thank You for providing a way of escape – show me the way out so I can move beyond this temptation. I want to walk in holiness and obedience, so please purify my desires and renew my mind. I trust that You are able to keep me from falling. In Jesus’ name, amen.”

“Jesus, in this moment of temptation, I run to You as my rock and refuge. My flesh is weak but Your Spirit is willing. Cover me with Your grace and grant me wisdom to make the right choice. I know Your desires for my life are so much better than anything the enemy promises. Help me fix my eyes on You – on who You are and all You’ve done for me. Fill me with Your peace that transcends my understanding. Thank You that because of You, I’m empowered to say no to unrighteousness. Strengthen me by Your Spirit until this season of temptation passes. In Your mighty name, amen.”

“God, I’m struggling right now with temptation in my mind to __. I feel drawn towards this but I know it’s not Your will for my life. Please redirect my thoughts and break this mental temptation. Replace these sinful cravings with new desires to pursue You and Your ways. Renew my mind with Your truth. Make me quick to take every thought captive in obedience to You. Fill my mind with things that are noble, right, pure and lovely. Empower me to reject the lies of the enemy and trust that Your ways are truly best. Thank You that in Christ I can overcome! In His name, amen.”

Tips for Praying Against Temptation

Here are some tips to make your prayers more effective when battling temptation:

  • Be specific. Name the exact temptation you’re facing rather than keeping it vague. God knows already – be upfront in asking for help.
  • Cry out for deliverance. Humble yourself and admit that you can’t resist without God’s intervention. Ask Him earnestly to step in.
  • Claim God’s promises. Remind yourself in prayer of Biblical truths like: “No temptation has overtaken you except what is common to mankind. And God is faithful; he will not let you be tempted beyond what you can bear. But when you are tempted, he will also provide a way out so that you can endure it.” (1 Corinthians 10:13)
  • Envision the consequences. If you gave in, what would happen? Picture the consequences clearly to strengthen your resolve against temptation.
  • Submit your thought life. Ask God to take control of your thought life and make it obedient to Him. Request that He guide and guard your mind.
  • Meditate on scripture. Quote Bible verses like Philippians 4:8 out loud in prayer. Hearing spiritual truth counters the lies of temptation.
  • Express gratitude. Thank God that He cares about this struggle and will equip you to overcome. Thank Him that He provides a way out. Gratitude builds faith.
  • Invite accountability. Ask a spiritually mature friend to keep you accountable and check in on your progress resisting temptation. Pride wants to keep struggles secret, so humility fights temptation through transparency.
  • Keep praying daily. Don’t give up praying just because you messed up yesterday. Return each day to ask God for help resisting temptation through the power of Christ. He is for you!

FAQs about Prayer Against Temptation

How often should I pray against temptation? You can pray against temptation as often as you face it. That may mean praying multiple times a day. Getting into the habit of praying first thing in the morning is a great way to prepare your mind and heart to face temptations that will come.

Is it pointless to pray if I keep giving in to the same temptations? Not at all! God rewards earnest prayer, even if we stumble. He understands we are weak. Keep bringing your failures to God, asking for grace and help. Progress may feel slow, but prayer combined with faith in God’s power will ultimately lead to victory.

Why does God allow us to be tempted if He wants us to resist? Temptation tests the genuineness of our faith and obedience to God. Temptation also develops virtues like patience, endurance and self-control. God allows it and sets boundaries, but provides the way out through spiritual strength.

How do I pray against temptation if I’m not sure I really want to resist it? Honestly admit your divided heart to God. Ask Him to purify your desires and help you want His will above all else. Be truthful in prayer, even when you’re wavering. God will honor your authenticity and meet you in your weakness.

When I pray against temptation but still struggle, does that mean God isn’t listening? No! Sometimes God’s deliverance is immediate. But often He uses the process of struggling against temptation to develop virtues and reliance on Him. Trust that He is shaping your character. He hears every prayer and will help you overcome in His perfect timing.


Temptation will always be something we face in this life. With prayer, we have a direct line to the power of God – who wants us to stand firm and is able to keep us from falling. Turning to Him in humble and specific prayer is our greatest weapon against temptation. Prayer reminds us what’s at stake, enlists divine help, renews our minds, invites the Holy Spirit’s power and replaces sinful desires with godly ones. Keep praying daily. Keep claiming God’s promises. And keep moving forward in faith, knowing that He who began a good work in you will carry it on to completion (Philippians 1:6). You can overcome!

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