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What Is the Number 700 Meaning in the Bible?

What Is the Number 700 Meaning in the Bible?

The number 700 holds symbolic significance in the Bible. Most prominently, it is connected to themes of spiritual perfection, divine completion, and the establishment of God’s kingdom on earth.

Appearances of 700 in the Bible

The number 700 appears over 20 times in the Bible, often in contexts involving sacred objects, holy people, or locations. Some key examples include:

  • 700 wives and 300 concubines of King Solomon, representing the staggering size of his harem (1 Kings 11:3)
  • 700 left-handed Benjamite warriors who could sling a stone at a hair and not miss (Judges 20:15-16)
  • The total weight in shekels of gold, silver, and bronze used to craft the sacred objects in Solomon’s Temple (1 Chronicles 29:4,7)

Additionally, the dimensions of Ezekiel’s future temple measure 700 cubits in various directions (Ezekiel 45, 48).

Symbolic Meaning of 700

So what meaning does 700 hold in Scripture? Here are some of the main symbolic connotations:

1. Perfection and Completeness

The number 7 represents spiritual perfection and completion in the Bible. It is the number of days God took to create the world. By extending this to 700, the Bible draws on these perfection symbols and multiplies them for heightened emphasis.

Ezekiel and Chronicles use 700 regarding the temple to stress the sacred perfection and completeness of God’s dwelling place on earth. The gigantic size of Solomon’s harem implies the boundless scale at which he indulged his earthly appetites instead of spiritual pursuits.

2. Holy Battle

The 700 left-handed warriors brandish their skills to wage holy war for the glory of God. Their prowess and singular focus connect to the meaning of the number 700 as conveying skilled purpose and firm resolve for divine duty.

3. Establishing God’s Kingdom

Ezekiel’s specifications for a new temple look to the future day when God establishes His kingdom in its fullness on earth. The numbers, including 700, symbolically communicate that this temple will facilitate proper worship of God once His reign is permanently instituted.

4. God’s Glory

The extensive use of precious metals amounting to 700 shekels worth to construct the Temple similarly reveals the house of God manifesting His glory perfectly. The number 700 signals the abundant scale at which King Solomon sought to capture God’s majesty through rich materials and extensive tribute.

Significance of 7

To fully grasp 700, it helps to note the special significance of the number 7 in the Bible:

  • Days of creation
  • Days in a week
  • Year of jubilee released debts every 49 years (7 x 7)
  • Year of sabbatical rest for land every 7 years
  • Jewish feasts based on 7
  • Jericho walls tumbled after march around 7 times
  • Symbol of completion and spiritual perfection

The pervasive use of 7 throughout Scripture gives 700 an enhanced symbolic potency through that association.

Frequently Asked Questions About 700 in the Bible

Here are answers to some common questions people ask regarding the biblical meaning and significance of the number 700:

What other stories feature 700 in the Bible?

In 1 Kings 20, Ben-hadad (King of Aram) attacks Samaria with 700 chariots and afterwards regroups his army numbering 700,000 men. Both numbers convey the intimidating military threat facing Samaria.

How should we interpret the 700 wives and concubines of Solomon today?

This astronomical figure reflected ancient Near East kings demonstrating their power through massive harems. The passage shows Solomon’s heart being led away from true worship of God. Modern readers should focus on guarding our hearts from misplaced priorities rather than the exact size of the harem.

Do scholars highlight any other symbolic meaning tied to 700?

Some commentators associate it with themes of “radical commitment” based on the singular devotion of the left-handed warriors. Others link it to ten times seventy – two spiritually significant numbers multiplied for intensification. Sources also connect it to conveying a sense of “immenseness.”

Why does Ezekiel specify dimensions of 700 cubits for his temple vision?

Ezekiel communicates through precise dimensions to underscore that this future temple will facilitate proper worship of God in every respect. His specifications highlight that its proportions conform perfectly to divine intent rather than any human agenda.

The symbolism of 700 cubits stresses the sacred completeness and spiritual perfection of this temple.

What is the significance of the extensive amounts of precious metals used to build Solomon’s Temple?

The sheer quantity of gold, silver, and bronze (amounting to 700 shekels) testifies to the glory, beauty, and majesty due to God’s house of worship. It reveals a lavish tribute of earthly wealth devoted entirely to honoring God’s name through this magnificent centerpiece of Jerusalem.


In summary, the symbolic overtones of 700 in Scripture communicate themes of spiritual perfection, completion, purpose, glory, and the establishment of God’s reign on earth.

When we see this number we should contemplate:

  • God’s unmatched glory and majesty
  • Our call to radical commitment in serving God’s purposes
  • Guarding our hearts from idolatry and misplaced priorities
  • Looking ahead to the day God consummates His kingdom on earth

Rather than just a figure, 700 conveys rich theological meaning regarding the nature of God and relating properly to Him. Just as seventies intensify the symbolic perfection of seven, the number 700 resounds throughout Scripture dramatically magnifying those core spiritual messages.

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