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What Is the Number 6668 Meaning in the Bible?

What Is the Number 6668 Meaning in the Bible?

The number 6668 does not appear specifically in the Bible. However, by looking at the individual digits that make up this number, we can analyze the symbolic and spiritual significance of 6668 based on biblical numerology.

The Significance of the Number 6 in the Bible

The number 6 in the Bible is often associated with mankind, imperfection, evil, and the satanic beast of Revelation. Some key connections include:

  • God created mankind on the 6th day (Genesis 1:26-31)
  • 6 is one less than perfect number 7. It represents something incomplete or flawed
  • 666 is the number of the beast or antichrist (Revelation 13:18)
  • The number of man is 6 as man was created on day 6 (Genesis 1:26-31)

So the prominence of the number 6 in 6668 could symbolize the flaws, evils, and satanic influences found in mankind. The repetitiveness of the number amplifies this symbolism, indicating these qualities manifesting strongly or in excess.

The Significance of the Number 8 in the Bible

Unlike 6, the number 8 often represents new beginnings, resurrection, and eternal life in Scripture. Important biblical meanings connected to 8 include:

  • 8 people on Noah’s Ark who were saved and started a new beginning (Genesis 7:7)
  • Jesus rose from dead on the 8th day (Matthew 28:1-10)
  • 8 souls were saved by water representing baptism and eternal life (1 Peter 3:20-21)
  • Circumcision took place on the 8th day (Genesis 17:12)

The multiple 8s in 6668 could therefore symbolize the promise of renewed life, salvation, and positive new starts that comes from God. The repetitiveness once again amplifies this notion.

Putting the Numbers Together (6668)

When we look at 6668 as a whole, we see a complex interplay between mankind’s flaws and evil tendencies represented by 6, and the promise of redemption and grace from God represented by 8.

This could be interpreted as a reminder that despite humanity’s shortcomings caused by sin and satanic influences, God’s offer of salvation through faith remains open to us. The four 6s at the start emphasize how deeply rooted mankind’s imperfect state is, while the double 8s highlight the rich abundance of new beginnings and eternal life God gives to those who repent and believe.

The overall message seems to be that while evil persists in these end times, God patiently works to pull people towards salvation and the hope of being reborn in paradise. The predominance of symbols of imperfection and Satan gives an acute urgency to embrace God’s gift of new life in Christ before it’s too late.

Frequently Asked Questions About 6668 in the Bible

Is there an exact 6668 bible verse?

No, the precise number 6668 does not appear in any bible verse. The analysis of the meaning of 6668 in the bible relies on interpreting the individual digits based on the symbolic significance of 6 and 8 throughout Scripture.

What book of the bible mentions the number 6668?

None of the books specifically mention 6668. The closest related numbers that appear are 666 (Revelation 13:18) and other usages of 6 and 8 carry meaning, but no verse contains 6668 exactly.

Is 6668 an angel number?

6668 is not considered a typical angel number that signals spiritual messages or insight about life events. However, given its breakdown of multiple 6 and double 8, analyzing it using bible numerology principles gives a symbolic reading, revealing potential spiritual implications regarding human flaws and God’s salvation.

Is there a bible character with 6668 in their name or story?

No biblical character’s name adds up to 6668 through gematria (assigning numbers to letters) or features 6668 directly in their narrative. The core numbers 6, 66, 666 etc. do show up in various names and stories, but not the specific figure 6668.

What does 6668 mean in Hebrew and Greek bible numerology?

There are no direct Hebrew or Greek numerology meanings for 6668. The analysis requires looking at the general symbolism of 6 as representing man, evil, imperfection and 8 as new beginnings, resurrection etc. These essential meanings translate across languages.


In summary, while no exact 6668 bible verse or direct biblical link exists, analyzing the figure based on the numeric symbolism found in Scripture gives insight into potential spiritual messages. The prevalence of numbers representing human flaws and satanic influence coupled with numbers relating to salvation and grace paint a picture of mankind’s fallen state along with God’s restorative power for redemption through Christ. This highlights the biblical theme of evil rampant in humanity which requires relying fully on God’s plan for new life and eternal salvation in these end times.

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