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Thankful Prayers for My Wife

Thankful Prayers for My Wife

I am so thankful for my incredible wife. She brings me joy every single day and I want to lift up prayers for her wellbeing, growth, and fulfillment.

Who My Wife Is

My wife is the most caring, kind, and selfless person I know. Here are some of the best things about her:

  • Dedicated and loving mother to our children
  • Hard working in her career but also makes time for family
  • Creative and thoughtful – always thinking of small ways to make people happy
  • Good listener – she is my safe place to share anything
  • Wise and gives great relational advice
  • Loves the Lord and puts Him first

I am truly blessed to be married to such an amazing woman. After years together, I love her more and more each day.

Prayers for Her Wellbeing

As a husband, the wellbeing of my beloved wife is so important. I regularly pray powerful scriptures over her:

  • I pray Numbers 6:24 – “May the Lord bless you and protect you.” No weapon formed against her shall prosper!
  • I pray Isaiah 40:31 – She will “mount up with wings like eagles” and not grow weary!
  • I pray Psalm 91 over her – He will cover her with His feathers and be her refuge and fortress
  • I pray for her mental health – freedom from anxiety, fear, and depressive thoughts
  • I pray for her physical body – energy, rest, and healing from sickness
  • I pray protection for her from all evil when apart from me

I boldly declare all these scriptural prayers of protection over my amazing wife.

Prayers for Growth

In marriage, we are privileged to spur one another into greater Christlikeness. I regularly intercede for my wife’s spiritual growth and development:

  • I pray she will grow deeper in God’s living Word every day
  • I pray for greater wisdom and discernment to handle life’s challenges
  • I pray she becomes an even better communicator, able to resolve conflicts well
  • I pray she keeps her unique gifts sharp and uses them fully for God’s glory
    • Creativity in writing, arts
    • Counselling and listening skills
    • Administration and event planning abilities
  • I pray she lives and leads with greater boldness and confidence in who she is as a daughter of Christ

I am expectant to see these prayers answered as she grows into the woman God calls her to be.

Prayers for Fulfillment

In addition to wellbeing and growth, I want my wife to live a deeply fulfilling life. So I pray:

  • I pray she feels fulfilled professionally in her career trajectory
  • I pray she feels fulfilled emotionally in our marriage through intimacy
  • I pray she feels fulfilled spiritually in her walk with God
  • I pray she feels fulfilled relationally through connections with family and friends
  • I pray she feels fulfilled physically with vitality, energy, and strength

My heart’s desire is for her to live life to the full. I will keep storming heaven so she experiences true fulfillment in every area of life.

Our Marriage Prayer

Together, my wife and I pray this prayer over our marriage:

“God, knit our hearts together as one. Fill us with Your Holy Spirit to love each other with patience, kindness, humility, respect, selflessness, forgiveness and honesty. Help us to communicate openly and gently, manage our finances wisely, parent our children lovingly and become one beautifully united. We ask this in Jesus’ Mighty Name, Amen”.

I am so thankful for my bride and love doing life together with her!

Our Love Story Timeline

This table captures highlights from our relationship journey over the years:

YearKey Moments and Memories
2006We first met at church as teenagers
2009Started dating seriously
2011I proposed on her 20th birthday
2012Got married on August 4th
2014Welcomed our first son Luke into the world
2017Moved into our first home together
2018Adopted our dog Rosie
2019Welcomed our daughter Emma into the world
2020Celebrated 8 years of marriage
2021Went on adventure trips across Europe
2023Looking forward to what’s next!

So many wonderful memories and still many more to come! I love getting life with her.

Reasons Why I’m Thankful

As I wrap up this essay to my beloved bride, I want to summarize all the reasons I am so grateful for her:

  • I never have to question her loyalty and commitment to me and our family
  • She believes in me even when I struggle to believe in myself
  • Her quiet strength in times of trouble inspires me to the core
  • Her words of affirmation lift my spirits when I’m feeling low
  • Her empathy and listening ear provide me shelter
  • Seeing her in mom-mode makes me beam with pride
  • Her steadfast dedication to the Lord challenges me in my faith The laughter, joy and adventure she brings into my days
  • Her resilience to press through pain or adversity with grit
  • Her thoughtfulness and selflessness in so many little ways
  • And most importantly – her companionship. I genuinely love doing life with her and can’t imagine the journey with anyone else by my side.

As long as I have breath, I will praise God for the gift of my incredible wife. The depths of my love and appreciation for her can hardly be captured in words. I pray abundant blessings over her head each and every day.

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