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Prayers for Separated Couples

Prayers for Separated Couples

Going through a separation or divorce can be an incredibly challenging and emotional time. When a marriage ends, it often feels like your whole world is falling apart. You grieve the loss of the life and future you had imagined with your spouse. You may be struggling with feelings of anger, sadness, confusion, and fear about the unknown road ahead.

Your well-being and faith may suffer during this traumatic transition. That’s why having a supportive community that prays for and uplifts you is so important. Friends and family can surround separated couples with love and caring. But establishing a prayer life of your own also helps connect you back to what matters most.

Why Pray During Separation?

Prayer has many proven emotional and mental health benefits. For separated spouses of faith, prayer can also renew purpose and hope. Consider just some of the major ways prayer uplifts separated couples:

  • Prayer releases worry/anxiety. In Philippians 4:6-7, Paul tells the people not to be anxious about anything but to pray with thanks to God instead. Giving your cares and concerns to God helps ease anxiety.
  • Prayer reconnects you to strength and comfort. God promises His beloved children strength and comfort in 2 Thessalonians 2:16-17. Prayer helps you feel connected to divine power.
  • Prayer changes perspective. As you pray, you realign your viewpoint to consider the situation through spiritual eyes rather than just reacting emotionally. This usually leads to clarity and understanding.
  • Prayer invites healing peace. Isaiah 26:3 promises perfect peace to those whose minds are steadfast in prayerful trust in the Lord. Peace is a balm that heals wounds of the soul.

Sample Prayers for Separated Couples

There is no one “correct” way to pray during a marital separation. Prayer is a candid, authentic conversation between you and God. Yet many find the words difficult to articulate in light of intense, conflicting emotions.

The following sample prayers for separated spouses may give you a voice when you feel lost:

Prayer for My Well-Being

“God, my life feels chaotic and uncertain right now. Comfort me through this mourning. Help me make sense of my feelings and reactions. Show me my next right steps on this journey. Renew my weary soul and give me the strength to persevere one day at a time. Sustain me with your abiding love and wisdom. Amen.”

Prayer for My Ex-Spouse

“Lord, I lift up (name) to you in this painful time. Our marriage has ended, but that does not negate my desire for their well-being and growth. Bless them, heal them, protect them. Surround them with people that speak truth and life into them. Give comfort, patience, grace, and guidance as they transition on their own path ahead…”

Prayer for Healthy Communication

“God, communication with (name) has broken down – we do not hear or understand one another anymore. Where walls of hurt and accusation stand, bring understanding and goodwill instead. Where there is blame, grant humility and self-awareness for both our roles. Help us release past wounds to have necessary, life-giving exchanges about the future. Bring people alongside us to guide these vulnerable talks from love, not judgment.”

Prayer for the Family

“Lord, we are no longer an intact family, but we are still family. We will always be connected through our children and our history together. Guide us to make decisions out of care and compassion for each family member involved. Ease any pain our kids feel and assure them of unbroken love. Give wisdom where relationships strain. Reveal any ways I can promote healing and grace. Keep those ties that nurture life.”

Supporting Those in Marital Crisis Through Prayer

When someone you care about faces separation or divorce, they need support. Wrapping them in frequent prayer and sharing encouraging Bible verses lets them know you stand with them.

Consider gathering friends who know the couple to regularly intercede in joint prayer. Ask God to work reconciliation if possible but acceptance if not. Plead for emotional and mental wholeness, stability with finances and kids, and a path ahead with purpose and hope.

And continue lifting them up in prayer for months to come. The turmoil of divorce often lasts years, with periods of particular struggle. Your steadfast spiritual support makes all the difference as they navigate this wilderness.

Some key Bible passages to share:

ThemeScripture Reference
God’s Comfort and PeaceJohn 14:27, Philippians 4:7
Strength and GuidancePsalms 18:1-2, 32-36
Discerning God’s WillRomans 12:2, Proverbs 3:5-6
Healing and RestorationJeremiah 17:14, Joel 2:25

Separation and divorce derail life as you know it. Everything feels uncertain, unstable, and fearful without the partnership that steered life’s journey to this point. Prayer helps anchor and steady you again. God still charts your course…sit with Him in prayer to regain perspective, hope, and reassurance that you have not lost your way.

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