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Prayers for Recharging Your Energy

Prayers for Recharging Your Energy

We all face times when our energy levels feel depleted – whether it’s from everyday stresses, health issues, or just overworking ourselves. Having low energy prevents us from fully showing up and being present in our lives. Thankfully, prayers centered around restoring our spirit can help recharge our batteries when we need a boost.

Benefits of Praying for Energy

Praying for renewed energy and vitality provides numerous benefits:

  • Helps provide strength to get through challenging times
  • Uplifts our mood and outlook
  • Allows us to serve others with more compassion
  • Reconnects us with the divine source that fuels us
  • Releases stress so we can direct energy more positively

When we take time to sincerely ask the Creator to fill us with healing light and energy, we make more space for positive energy to flow freely into our lives again.

Best Times to Pray for Energy

While you can offer energy prayers at any moment you’re feeling tired or depleted, two of the best times are:

Morning Prayers:

Start each morning by inviting divine energy into your day. Morning is ideal because it sets the tone for everything that follows. Example morning energy prayers:

  • “Dear God, as I start this day, I ask that you fill me with your light and love. Please guide my thoughts, words, and actions so that I may serve as an uplifting presence.”
  • “Heavenly father, thank you for the gift of this new day. Surround me with energies of renewal that carry me through the hours ahead.”

Before Sleep Prayers:

Prayers for restfulness and centering can provide calming energy to wind down at the day’s end. Example evening energy prayers:

  • “Dear God, thank you for the blessings of today. As I prepare for peaceful sleep, allow your healing love to renew my mind, body and spirit for tomorrow.”
  • “Heavenly spirit, quiet my thoughts as I drift into tranquil sleep so I may awaken with renewed purpose and energy.”

Prayers from Different Faiths

Across multiple faith traditions, sacred writings contain powerful prayers for boosting energy. Here is a sampling:


Lord, pour out the power of your love upon me, that I may walk in your ways and run through the path of your commandments.” – Book of Common Prayer


“My Lord, indeed I am, for whatever good You would send down to me, in need.” – Qur’an 28:24


“May the divine light illuminate our paths today. May Mother Divine’s love uplift our souls.”


Metta Prayer for Energy: “May I and all beings be filled with the divine energy of loving-kindness and compassion.”


“My soul is thirsty for the living God. I place my hope in the eternal one to renew my strength.” -based on Psalm 42

Native American Prayer

“Oh Great Spirit, whose breath gives life to the world and whose voice is heard in the soft breeze, I need your strength and wisdom today. Let me walk in beauty softly upon your earth.”

Crystals and Altars to Amplify Prayers

Certain rituals and objects can further focus our energy prayers:

Crystals: Holding crystals like citrine, carnelian or clear quartz while praying channels added power.

Prayer Altars: Arranging sacred items like candles, stones, holy texts, flowers or images on a home altar creates a soothing focal point to guide prayers.

Writing in a Prayer Journal: Writing down prayers and reflections in a journal to look back on can reinforce intentions.

Gratitude Listings: List 3-5 things you feel grateful for in that moment – centers your energy on the positive.

Singing Devotional Songs: Singing spiritual chants lifts energy through music’s vibrational power.

Being Near Water: Natural running water can purify troubled thoughts and renew spiritual energy.

Here are some common items used on prayer altars and their symbolic purpose:

CandlesRepresents divine light
FlowersSignifies blossoming hope
CrystalsAmplification and healing
Sacred TextsUplifting writings
Images of Deities or SaintsConnecting to divine realm
Feathers or Natural ItemsBonding with Mother Earth

Prayers for Energy from Different Traditions

Below is a more extensive collection of prayers for renewed energy, vitality and purpose from diverse faiths around the world:

Christian Prayers

  • “God, please revive my spirit and refresh my soul today. Guide me to serve as your light.”
  • “Lord, forgive me my sins and fill me with the strength of your eternal love.“
  • “Heavenly Father, create in me a clean heart filled with your Holy Spirit.”

Jewish Prayers

  • ”Please God, renew my spirit with your living waters. Let your righteousness flow through me.”
  • “Shechinah, Divine Presence, help me walk gracefully in your radiant light today.”
  • “Ruach HaKodesh, Holy Spirit – purify my thoughts and energy to praise the Eternal Light.”

Muslim Prayers – Selected Quotes from Qur’an

  • “God, grant me abundant patience and energy to walk in Your way.” 16:127
  • “My Lord,Increase me in knowledge.” – 20:114
  • “Our Lord, forgive us and our brothers who preceded us in faith and put not in our hearts hardness.” – 59:10

Hindu Prayers

  • “Supreme Light, awaken my psychic energy centers so that I may perceive your Divine guidance.”
  • “Beloved Krishna, friend and inner master, channel your joyful vitality through me.”
  • “Radiant Lakshmi, awaken the abundance of health, wealth and prosperity within me.”

Buddhist Prayers

  • “Beneficent Universe, help me develop disciplines that bring forth infinite energy.”
  • “May I find balance within, wherein dwell unfathomable reserves of energy.”
  • “Eternal bliss, ever-present, ever-flowing, guide me to liberation and renewal.”

Native American Prayers

  • “Wakan Tanka (Great Spirit) – may my eyes see your beauty and my feet walk softly in harmony with all your creation.”
  • “Primal Mother of the Heavens, fill me with light and energy from the sacred sun.”
  • “Spirit Keeper of the East – gift me endurance to run with the dawn and greet each new day.”

Celtic Prayer

  • “Gracious God of the seasons, there is a time and purpose for all things under heaven. Instill me with energy to plant the seeds for my dreams to grow bountiful.”

Hopefully this provided a helpful sampling of prayers from diverse cultures for restoring vitality when energy runs low. May the light they invoke within guide you on your journey.

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