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Prayers for Pregnancy

Prayers for Pregnancy

Prayers for pregnancy provide comfort, hope, and guidance for couples trying to conceive a child. Getting pregnant and having a healthy baby is a dream and prayer for many couples. However, conceiving a child can be challenging and stressful at times. Prayers for fertility and pregnancy give couples spiritual connection along the journey.

Why Pray for Pregnancy?

Praying for pregnancy is a meaningful way to connect spiritually while also coping with uncertainty. There are many reasons couples may pray for a baby including:

  • Seeking comfort and reduced anxiety during the difficulties of trying to conceive
  • Looking for inner peace, patience and perspective
  • Hoping for divine guidance to make wise choices regarding parenthood
  • Requesting blessings, health and safety for the potential child

Faith and prayer allow couples to relinquish control and trust in a higher power during an emotionally turbulent time.

Best Prayers for Pregnancy and Fertility

Certain prayers carry special meaning and comfort for those trying to conceive. Some meaningful prayers include:

1. Prayers for Opening the Womb

Prayers asking God to “open the womb” come from Bible verses speaking of influential women who were barren but later conceived. These verses provide inspiration for couples struggling with infertility today.

2. Prayers for Healthy Eggs and Sperm

A common difficulty conceiving involves challenges with eggs or sperm. Heartfelt prayers for healthy eggs or sperm can comfort those facing these problems.

3. Prayers for Divine Timing

Couples trying unsuccessfully to get pregnant may pray for God’s timing regarding children. This prayer helps relinquish control and gain peace that pregnancy will happen according to divine wisdom.

4. Prayers for Strength and Patience

Finally, prayers for strength, hope and patience are tremendously valuable. The frustration of months or years trying to conceive takes an emotional toll. Prayers renew perseverance and calm anxious minds.

When and How to Pray for Pregnancy

Prayer offers benefits throughout preparation for pregnancy, while attempting to conceive, during pregnancy after conception and through childbirth.

Meaningful times to pray include:

Prayers for Pregnancy
Prayers for Pregnancy
  • Daily prayers meeting with God and sharing hopes, fears and gratitude on the journey
  • Prayers before doctor’s appointments to calm nerves
  • Prayers upon waking and going to sleep to bookend the day with faith
  • In moments of despair, anxiety or difficulty

Developing a prayer life primes couples for receiving pregnancy with spiritual openness. There are endless ways to pray personally from formal recited prayers to intimate conversational prayer. Support from faith communities also brings encouragement through trying times.

Signs Prayers are Being Answered

Couples praying for a child may look for signs their prayers are being answered. While conception itself is the ultimate indication, other signals may also provide hopeful insights. These include:

  • Feeling a new sense of peace regarding parenthood
  • Noticing doors opening with adoption or fertility assistance
  • Strengthened marital friendship and unity through the struggles
  • Uplifted spirits and encouragement after prayer
  • Clarified wisdom making tough decisions

Remaining aware of these signs keeps hope alive during disappointing periods month after month.

Pregnancy Prayer Resources

For those drawn to pray through scripture and resource books, many publications offer inspiration. Some books with prayers for pregnancy include:

  • Prayers that Avail Much for Mothers – James Banks
  • A Child Is Born: Meditations for Advent – Dorothy McRae-McMahon
  • Hannah’s Prayer – Jill Eileen Smith
  • Glimpses of Heaven – Trudy Ernest Morgan

Books allow reflection on relevant Bible verses and spiritual affirmations. They also connect readers going through similar waiting periods seeking children.

Finding Peace on the Journey

Navigating waiting periods while trying to conceive presents cycles of hope and heartache. No guarantee exists ensuring conception on a desired timeline. However, prayer grants peace, comfort and power to endure the ups and downs. Entering hopeful waiting with spiritual connection allows purpose and growth whatever the outcome. Releasing control to a higher power through prayer makes space for miracles in God’s timing.


Prayer uniquely comforts and empowers hopeful mothers and fathers along the path to pregnancy. Through intimate connection with God, prayer eases anxiety, offering strength and perspective for the uncertainties. Whether praying for healthy conception, openness to alternatives or trust in divine timing, prayer radically shapes the journey. While emotionally difficult, waiting periods trying to conceive invite incredible spiritual growth. Prayer allows peace and purpose amid the mystery and miracle of creating new life.

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