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Prayers for a Future Husband

Finding a life partner to share your journey with is one of the most profound desires many people hold in their hearts. As a single woman of faith, I often find myself offering up prayers for my future husband – whoever and wherever he may be. I pray not just for my sake, but for his as well, that God may bless and lead us both into a holy and happy union together.

My Hopes for the Future

When I close my eyes and imagine the man I will one day call my husband, this is what I see:

  • A man of strong, vibrant faith who puts God first in his life
  • Someone passionately in love with Jesus
  • A leader who will spiritually encourage and challenge me
  • A best friend who will laugh, talk, and share life with me
  • A hard worker determined to provide for our family
  • A patient and selfless father to our future children

My perfect spouse may not fit this exact image. But these are the ideals and values I hold in highest regard. I long for a man of integrity and character, whose love for God attracts me as much as our chemistry and compatibility.

Prayers for His Wellbeing and Growth

In the meantime, while I wait for God to reveal this special person, I pray frequently for my beloved’s wellbeing and growth. Some of the things I ask of God include:

To Guard His Heart

The world we live in can often beat people down and promote cynicism. I pray that God protects my future spouse’s heart from bitterness, anger, or distrust as he navigates life’s challenges. I ask God to instill in him hope, courage, and perseverance to overcome anything he encounters.

To Deepen His Faith

No one’s spiritual journey is complete this side of heaven. I pray God continues maturing my future husband’s faith, drawing him closer into relationship with Jesus. I ask that he would have a heart eager to serve, eyes open to see needs around him, hands ready to help, and feet willing to follow God’s leading.

To Prepare Him for Marriage

Just as I try to prepare my own heart for marriage, I’m praying the same for my beloved. Transitioning from solo living to sharing everything with your spouse can be an adjustment. I’m asking God to equip us both for the compromises, sacrifices, and service marriage will require from each of us. I pray for patience, generosity and wisdom as we learn to prioritize “us” over “me”.

To Make Our Paths Cross

Of course, before any relationship can start, we first need to meet! When and how God will orchestrate that introduction, I do not know. But I trust His timing is perfect. Until then, I pray God will place people, opportunities and experiences in each of our paths to shape us into the people He desires us to become – both individually and together.

Prayers For Our Eventual Union

When I do picture my wedding day finally arriving, oh how I hope and pray that it is everything we both dreamed it would be! I pray:

  • Our ceremony is filled with joy and love as we become husband and wife
  • Our marriage thrives on the firm foundation of our shared faith in Christ
  • We treasure each other and selflessly meet one another’s needs
  • We have patience and wisdom to handle any conflict in a loving, life-giving way
  • Our home overflows with peace, laughter, kindness and encouragement
  • We remain best friends and lovers who cherish every stage of life together

My mother once advised me that finding true partnership requires being the right person, not just seeking the right person. So while I wait expectantly for my prayers over my husband to be answered, I also ask God to mold me into the godly wife I desire to become.

Area of GrowthMy Prayers
PatienceFor empathy, compassion and calm when stresses arise
CommunicationFor self-control, listening ears and thoughtful speech
RespectTo honor him by validating needs and prioritizing intimacy
EncouragementTo inspire and cheer him onward in pursuing his dreams
SelflessnessFor a gracious, servant heart willing to put him first

I don’t know how or when God will answer these prayers over my future marriage. But I know He is able. He faithfully led Abraham’s servant to Rebekah, Jacob to Rachel, and Ruth to Boaz. And so today I choose to release these deepest longings to the One who loves me most of all. I place my future in His hands, trusting that whenever and however He joins our paths, it will be an amazing journey together.

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