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How to Get Closer to God Again

How to Get Closer to God Again

Getting closer to God can be a deeply personal yet universally relatable journey. When we feel distant from our faith, rekindling that spiritual connection offers comfort, meaning and guidance. By leaning into timeless religious principles and our inner wisdom, we can realign with the divine at any point.

This essay offers reflections, tips and practices to help renew your bond with God or your higher power. We’ll explore how to:

  • Prepare your heart and mind
  • Connect through prayer and meditation
  • Serve others with love
  • Trust in grace and patience

The path looks different for everyone. But no matter where you are starting from today, bringing more divine presence into your life is absolutely possible. Let’s begin.

Preparing The Foundation

Before launching into spiritual activities, take time to nurture inner stillness and self-awareness. These attitudes allow us to genuinely tune into God’s voice during prayer or service.

Consider asking yourself:

  • Why do I want to draw nearer to God now? What’s calling me?
  • What beliefs or assumptions do I carry about connecting spiritually? Do any make me feel unworthy or discouraged?

Make space to listen inwardly. God meets us where we are, as we are. Laying judgments aside allows us to show up fully present and available.

Now set an intention – a heartfelt desire you wish to bring about through this journey, stated in the positive.

Example intention: “My intention is to feel God’s peaceful presence guiding me to greater purpose and joy.”

Revisiting this intention reminds us why we’re engaging in spiritual practices. It grounds us in intrinsic motivations like meaning, rather than extrinsic religious duty.

With intention set, choose a regular time and space to devote quiet time with God. This signals the soul that now’s the chance to invite the divine in.

Practicing Prayer and Meditation

Prayer and meditation offer direct ways to personally interact with God. By providing undivided attention and listening below everyday thoughts, we make room for transcendence.

Try starting prayer or silent meditation with this centering exercise:

1Sit comfortably with eyes closed and back straight. Feel both feet flat to the ground.
2Inhale slowly for a 5 count. Exhale slowly for a 5 count. Repeat several times.
3Listen to the quiet. As thoughts come, gently let them go without judgment.
4Picture your faith’s image of God radiating love before you. Feel this presence with you now.

When centered into tranquil awareness, consider:

  • Having a heart-to-heart talk with God. Share your intention, fears, gratitude – whatever genuinely flows forth. Notice any loving guidance that intuitively arises afterward.
  • Chanting divine names or sacred phrases as a mantra. Inhale/exhale the words until repeating effortlessly. Allow mystical stillness underneath to emerge.
  • Visualizing being enveloped fully by divine light. Send loving-kindness to all beings touched by this light. Rest in your true nature.

Remember there’s no “right way” to connect with God. Keep exploring types of communion meaningful for your spirit.

Pro Tip: Keep prayer journaling to track insights over time.

Serving Others with Love

“Whatever you did for one of the least of these brothers and sisters of mine, you did for me.” – Matthew 25:40

Nothing realigns us with holy vision quicker than selfless service. As we lift the burdens of struggling neighbors through charity and kindness, we feel God working through our hands. We remember our universal spiritual bonds transcending worldly identities – race, class, politics or nationality.

Regular selfless service also prevents our egos from hijacking spirituality. It humbles religious pride and calls us to embody wisdom gained.

There are so many valuable ways to assist others on the divine’s behalf. Here are a few ideas to get started:

  • Volunteer weekly at a homeless shelter or religious charity event
  • Become a listening ear for struggling phone/text helplines
  • Fundraise for a cause saving endangered lives or the planet
  • Help the sick or disabled neighbors with everyday tasks
  • Send uplifting letters to those incarcerated

Ask God to guide you towards people and causes resonating with your heart. Then commit to that spirit-led service. When engaging with those we help, look beyond surface identities to see Christ, Buddha or yoga – our shared divine inner light.

Notice how serving unlocks your natural reservoirs of spiritual strength and joy. These renewable riches overflow the more we give. We heal ourselves as we uplift other beings.

Trusting Grace and Patience

Some parts of reconnecting spiritually will flow gracefully. Others may challenge us. Spiritual hunger often intensifies before blissful reunion with the Beloved.

Have compassion for all dimensions of your journey – including setbacks and dry spells. Avoid interpreting difficulties as divine punishment or abandonment. God’s light allows all seasons.

Consider adopting this mantra of patience:

“I lovingly accept myself and my journey, wherever I’m at.”

Repeat when you notice self-judgment arising. Return focus to your intention for getting closer to God.

Have faith that residing in sacred presence is our natural state – if we relax into divine timing. Our seeking hearts are never separate from God’s embracing grace.

Stay attuned for signs confirming you’re on the right track – a surge of inspiration, synchronicity, awe. Express gratitude for these guideposts. Allow your path to organically unfold without forcing.

Getting closer to God again is a process of homecoming to the Holy Spirit already alive within. Let your intimacy with the divine blossom through practicing sacred presence wherever you go.


Rekindling your relationship with God promises comfort, meaning and purpose for years to come. May the divine’s peace walk with you.

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