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5 Prayers for the Babysitter

Prayers for the Babysitter

Leaving your children with a babysitter can be difficult for any parent. As you head out for the evening, doubts and worries may creep into your mind even when you know your sitter is capable and trustworthy. A great way to ease your concerns is to say a prayer, both for your children and their caregiver. Here are 5 prayers to empower both you and your babysitter on the evening ahead:

1. Prayer for Safety and Protection

One of the main reasons for anxiety is thinking about all that could go wrong while you’re away. Ask God to encircle your home and family with His divine protection. Pray for guardian angels to watch over the children so no harm may come to them. Ask for traveling mercies over the babysitter’s journey to and from your house.

Lord, please protect my precious children tonight. Send your angels to guard them from any danger or sickness. Bring the sitter here safely and take her home safely as well. Ease my worries so I may enjoy this evening out. In Jesus’ name, amen.

2. Prayer for Wisdom and Discernment

Even the most capable teen or mature adult can use a prayer for extra wisdom when caring for children. Ask God to give your sitter an extra measure of patience, understanding and discernment when interacting with your kids. Pray she will know how to handle any situation appropriately, from tantrums to disagreements between siblings.

God, please grant my sitter wisdom beyond her years tonight. Help her discern what each child needs, whether that’s kind correction, patient understanding or just someone to listen. Give her creativity and energy to match my active children. Thank you for blessing our family with her help. In Jesus’s name, amen.

3. Prayer for Joy and Fun

While safety is essential, you also want your children to enjoy their time with the babysitter and have some fun while you’re out. Pray for laughter, playfulness and adventure – maybe an exciting new game, funny movie or backyard playtime under the stars. Ask God to spark their imaginations and bond their hearts together.

Lord, fill this home tonight with joy and laughter. Lead my babysitter to engage and entertain the children in creative ways that build positive memories together. May the smiles on their faces when I return home be a reflection of the blessing this evening has been for all. In Jesus’s name, amen.

4. Prayer for Responsibility

In addition to having fun, a good babysitter will handle responsibility well too. Pray for your sitter to stay focused and attentive, making sure the kids stick to established rules and bedtime routines. Ask God to help her juggle multiple demands without getting overwhelmed. Pray she’ll take her duties seriously while also enjoying her time with the children.

Heavenly Father, grant my babysitter a spirit of responsibility tonight – watching the kids at all times, enforcing our house rules fairly and following bedtime procedures. With all she’s managing, fill her with grace under pressure. Remind the children to respect and obey her authority too. In Jesus’s name, amen.

5. Prayer of Gratitude and Blessing

Lastly, offer a prayer of thanks for the gift of your babysitter, and ask God’s abundant blessing over her life. Whether a family friend, teenage neighbor or mature adult you hired through an agency, recognize the sacrifice made to watch your kids so you can have a stress-free date night. Pray the sitter is refreshed and renewed during her time in your home as you enjoy yours out.

God, thank You for providing us with such a capable, caring sitter for our kids tonight. We recognize her time and energy as a valuable gift to our family. Please surround her with Your peace and favor, renewing her spirits as she pours into our children’s lives. May You bless her immensely, meeting every need she may have. In Jesus’s name, amen.

Saying one or more of these prayers before heading out can ease worries, invite God’s protection and align both parents’ and sitter’s hearts for a mutually enjoyable evening. Most importantly, bathe the entire night in prayer first, trusting God to watch over all involved in your absence. His peace and blessings will follow.

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